You are a workaholic if…

In no particular order, you are a workaholic if:

  1. You look at the clock, it is noon, you haven’t eaten breakfast yet.
  2. You look at the clock, it is 4:30 PM, you haven’t eaten lunch yet.
  3. All of the above (most certainly a workaholic)
  4. “Taking a break” consists of removing clutter from the floor so you can walk around without stepping on stuff.
  5. “Taking a break” consists of chipping away at the pile of dirty dishes so there is something clean to eat off of (good for you for remembering to eat!)
  6. An illuminated keyboard is an important purchasing consideration when evaluating a laptop.
  7. It is 2:00 AM and you are in bed with your laptop, still working on something.
  8. You find yourself dreaming about work and wish you had actually gotten that stuff done.
  9. You have nightmares about working on something tedious and irreversibly messing things up, and then, while still asleep, you start worrying that you may be sleep-walking and will wake up to find that you actually did screw things up.
  10. You tend to develop a “hairmet”. The hairmet occurs when you have been working on a project for several or more full-days back to back. You may have showered the body, but didn’t have time to shower the hair. Like the solid days of work you have put in, your hair also starts to become solid, forming a hairmet.
  11. Now say it with a Japanese accent… “I am wearing a hairmet”.
  12. If you got that joke and find it amusing, you are most likely a workaholic 😉

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