Yeah, but…

Don’t make excuses for “having” to do the things you don’t care about. Find avenues to do what truly inspires you.

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  1. zen
    I am reading ‘Zen Keys’ by Thich Nhat Hanh. In the very first chapter he speaks about mindfullness in everyday life. He said that was his first lesson at the monastery. He says there are ‘gathas’ for this practice.
    I believe if one wants to progress in the evolution of enlightenment,that this is a valuable practice. And when practiced, avenues to what inspires you will unfuld before you.
    So, yes, don’t make excuses. Embrace each task with a mindful purpose.
    Here is an example…….
    In august of 2005 Captain Erotica (this tribe’s moderator) and I showed up for DPW to build the fence that surrounds Burning Man…a 7 mile fence. Nothing else can be built on the site until the fence goes up. Our team of about 30 people did it in a day. Very hard work. A couple days later a fence needed to be put around the law enforcement compound. Cap’n and I voluntered to do it. We went over there and made a plan. With every single pounding of every single fence post we imparted 1 of 3 mindful mantras ‘peace’, ‘love’, ‘harmony’. Not just saying them, but feeling them. We didn’t tell anyone until well after the event, but before we did we did asked some higher ups what the situation with the police was like during that years event. The consensus was that it was the most mild year ever. Believe what you like about it. To us it was real.
    There are many ancient spiritual practices from all corners of the world that echoe this practice of puposefulness.
    Thank you Kechari for putting this thought out there so that we may aborb this truth.

  2. i just read in a book the other day by Debbie Ford that stress is a result of playing the victim role. We are empowered by nature and when the victim thinking comes into play we are giving our power away.

    The more I thought about this, the more clear it is. I agree with what you say…our excuses are just that…excuses. As my dad has said…we always have choices…whether we like them or not!


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