Worst Company Logos

Sherwin Williams LogoWhile walking along the San Lorenzo river the other day, I glanced over at the Sherwin Williams store in downtown Santa Cruz. I thought to myself, “That has to be the ugliest company logo I have ever seen.”

First of all, the flat faded blue and red just don’t look that good. Who paints the interior or exterior of their house with those color combinations? I don’t care for the thick blue outline around the paint either. And, to top it off, the idea of dumping a can of red paint over the world is just plain tacky considering all of the environmental issues we are facing.

What do you think. Is this the worst company logo?

2 thoughts on “Worst Company Logos

  1. Just thought I’d let you know that you are not alone.

    It was 1906. Two color printing was the latest craze! OK 2 color has been around longer than that. I won’t say more, but maybe some art design students could learn a lot from this logo. Clearly it’s just what they wanted you to think aBOUT. sHERWIN wILLIAMS, PAINT FOR THE WHOLE WORLD…and who was the competition back then…by the way…it’s pre-1937, so do you think there was some hempseed oil in that paint. do canaries sing?

  2. Hey, nice find! Thanks ­čÖé

    Maybe the CEO will stumble on one of these blogs and consider a logo make-over. What are the chances of that, one in one million?

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