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The ARG of PWN

Take a look at the screen shot below and let me know if something looks out of place:

(click to enlarge)

While looking for info on the Conspiracy Asylum ARG last night I visited I don’t usually click ads, but the black banner is kind of hard to miss so I clicked it. It takes you to a flash sequence on with a winged-snake being and messages about world peace and hijacking the media machine. Interesting… After the flash finishes, it dumps you to here.

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Ragnar the Opulent and His Chi-Mendous Balls

Peter Ragnar Peter Ragnar and the Opulent Reality. I was browsing last night (recently bought and assimilated by and saw this ad banner prominently displayed in the Sponsors column. is a socially conscious community-based networking site. I rarely click on ads unless I’m looking for something specific, but this one caught my eye and I decided to check it out. The browser was directed to with a splash page and link to enter the site.

Uh oh. Once you are in you are greeted with the following quote, “You Didn’t Visit Here by Accident” followed by “Dear Friend,”. To the left you have photos of Peter Ragnar fading in and out. The whole vibe just seems off, but I decided to suspend judgment and dig a little deeper.

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The Lair of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom

Rather Good

A friend passed this site along to me. Damn! Why did it take so long for me to know about this one? It’s freakin WEIRD!

You must enjoy singing animals if you plan on visiting this site. Specifically singing kittens. Prepare yourself for utter ridiculosity, and make sure to take along a pocket version of Urban Dictionary so you don’t miss the English slang. If you only watch one thing on the site, be sure to see Can I Have A Go?. It is… Rather Good!

Second Life


Over 4 million people can’t be wrong…. err Weird, or can they? Second Life is a virtual online world where you can live a normal life. Cut business deals, go shopping, watch rock concerts, buy land… maybe you can even get virtually audited by the IRS.

People should start sitting on pots of soil while they are at the computer for the sake of future generations. Eventually human beings will evolve rear end roots and, as long as a good irrigation system is installed, won’t ever have to leave the computer. Just don’t try this in China, you might be sent to Rehab.



“No Luke. I am not your father.” STELARC is a performance artist who wants to become a cyborg. His latest idea is to have an extra prosthetic ear installed on his body with a bluetooth transmitter that sends out the sounds it picks up over the internet.

Maybe when he is finished becoming a cyborg, I can hire him to help me with my Themebot site.