Wanting to Need

What we want tends to supersede what we need,

because of course we need nothing.

1 thought on “Wanting to Need

  1. Why is it…

    That when you want a drink,
    the bartender always serves any woman
    or gigolo(scenester), prior to looking your way.
    They got such ‘tudes…(-tenders)
    It’s obvious you’re thirsty
    ready with tip in hand,
    displaying proper bar etiquette–
    But the liquor monkey
    Wants to preen and front his
    Coolness, making eyes
    You just want a quick guzzle
    You’re thirsty, dammit!
    What’s a man gotta do to
    Get a beer ’round this place!
    Do they all gotta think they’re
    Tom Cruise, or something…?
    What we want tends to override what we need,
    because we need a buzz to break the ice…

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