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The Hildebeest

Don't mess with the Hildebeest Somethingone that unequivocally belongs in prison for war crimes, felonies and treason is probably not the lesser of two evils. How is it possible that the Hildebeest is still stampeding for president? Are people really that stupid that they would vote somethingone in solely because it is biologically a woman?

Hey, we’re on a role! We just had the first half-black president… why not a woman next!?

(There’s the lips moving again. Those signs should read, “Fighting for IS”)


Libya: From Africa’s Wealthiest Democracy Under Gaddafi to Terrorist Haven After US Intervention

Trumpty Dumpty

Trumpty Dumpty Donald Frump
Took a dump
It glittered like gold
And everyone was sold

Trumpty Dumpty promised to build a wall
But the Mexicans didn’t pay anything at all
Thus, America had a great fall
And only mariachi was played at each mall

Donald Chump at a podium was heard to have said,
“We will fight for Israel one thousand percent!”
Off came the toupée and with kippot on his head
Chump wailed at the wall to get rabbis’ consent

The US was ensnared in more wars with the Middle East
Nothing could satiate the Zionist beast
Putin and Trump made a toast to their mess
And the rest of us began to clean up the West

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Army of Anna

If only there were more like K- Kaupan Anna providing border patrol in all the countries of European peoples that are being invaded…

(Two against one. Drag the piece of turd with friend tugging at wrist back in for prosecution and the volunteer reinforcements arrive to block the entrance.)

(“Cocky confidence games don’t work on me piece of turd. And your puffy jacket isn’t going to protect you. Consider yourself lucky this time.”)

I have to admit, the only time I appreciate CCTV surveillance is when something like this gets recorded and shared on the internet.

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2021 Bizarro

With the immigration deform and PC policies introduced by the Marxist Multicult… I mean Bizarro Multicult—the Colossal Cuckoldry, Dazzling Diversity, Fabulous Faggosity, Shimmering Sharia and Vibrant Vagrancy—society as we know it in Western countries may very well become like the prophetic vision of the future as portrayed in the critically acclaimed film, Sealab 2021 Bizarro:

With things like gender dysphoria and apotemnophilia being normalized, it is only a matter of time before people begin demanding turtle beak reassignment surgery because they feel like they should have been born as turtles (subsidized by socialized medicine / tax payers, of course). And then, they will demand to have their beaks changed later when the Poultry Rights Movement convinces them that they really should have been born as chickens.

Why wait until 2021 when we can have full-blown Bizarro now!?