I was having one of those background dreams, the kind that aren’t at all vivid, probably go on for most of the night and are never remembered when you wake up in the morning. During this dream I heard something getting louder. It got loud enough that I opened my eyes.

So now I’m staring at the ceiling wondering what the hell is making that pulsing mechanical sound just above the house. It is quite loud and kind of sounds like when the refrigerator turns on. I wake up even more and realize how strange it is. The sound starts to change. The only way i can describe it is that the pulsating sound was loud enough to make the approach of the other sound inaudible. Then all I can hear is the other sound which is a bit like a prop plane. Once that sound is right over head, it quickly moves north. I’m trying to figure out what it is and I’m listening for a crash, as the only explanation I could come up with is that a plane was flying really low to the ground and is about to hit the el cerrito hills. The sound is gone very quickly and then there is just silence, no crash.

I’m a bit creeped out and wondering what that was. A couple minutes later I decide to turn on the light and check the time… 3:17. I don’t believe in UFOs (I don’t disbelieve in them either) but that was just strange. I guess it is more appropriate to call it a UHO (Unidentified Heard Object).

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  1. You know I had something similar to this happen to me twice though it was much more intense and frightening and less like a prop plane sound. But the start was similar–lightly dreaming when I heard a low level droning that got louder and louder. Then it started to pulse so loudly and intensely that I definitely opened my eyes and from there it got really strange! Long story. The funny thing is I told a friend about it and he had the same thing happen the next night! (No drugs/drinking, etc!–just very tired in architecture school).

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