Trumpty Dumpty

Trumpty Dumpty Donald Frump
Took a dump
It glittered like gold
And everyone was sold

Trumpty Dumpty promised to build a wall
But the Mexicans didn’t pay anything at all
Thus, America had a great fall
And only mariachi was played at each mall

Donald Chump at a podium was heard to have said,
“We will fight for Israel one thousand percent!”
Off came the toupée and with kippot on his head
Chump wailed at the wall to get rabbis’ consent

The US was ensnared in more wars with the Middle East
Nothing could satiate the Zionist beast
Putin and Trump made a toast to their mess
And the rest of us began to clean up the West

What will Trump actually do if he gets elected? Nobody knows. But we do know that you can tell a politician is lying when their lips are moving and politics have revolved around voting for the lesser of two evils (which both serve the same evil) for far too long. At the very least, damage has been done to the cuckservatives and political correctness so that more people can feel more comfortable to talk openly about certain crucial issues. Hope springs eternal.

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