Top Ten Dating Lines

In no particular order:

  1. I’m going hunting this weekend, do you want to help with the skinning?
  2. I couldn’t help noticing your breasts. Mind if i squeeze them later?
  3. Do you accept Jesus Christ as your savior?
  4. My dog sure seems to like you. Are you down with a menage trois?
  5. The tattoo? Actually, that is my prison number.
  6. You totally remind me of my mother.
  7. Among other things, my girl… ex-girlfriend just died and left me with 3 kids. I’m looking for something long-term and stable.
  8. I look really good in a turtle-neck… and naked from the waist down… with argyle socks on.
  9. My greatest talent? I have the world record for quickest clear on the final level in Doom III. And, I own every Nintendo 8-bit cartridge game ever made, all of which I have beat.
  10. Yeah, I’m self-employed. I make 90 bucks a pop at the sperm bank.

One thought on “Top Ten Dating Lines

  1. You have to revise your opinion. Repeating this nuttery misses your point. Give us proofs. Not just with words, but with deeds.

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