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Do you understand?

Never ask me if I understand. Under no circumstances do I ever understand. I overstand. You overstand. We stand on the same level in the space time continuum, much more than what is apparent to the five senses, sharing knowledge and wisdom. If you are not comfortable with that terminology, ask if I comprehend.

Killing Time

“Killing time” is a concept I cannot comprehend. If I could figure out a way to keep the body at optimal operating capacity without sleep and without side-effects, I would not be sleeping. There is just too much to learn, experience and contribute; I am only able to do a minuscule portion of what I’d like to accomplish each day. I love my life and the people I have connected with, in-person and at a distance.


I believe that the only failure is not even trying.

If an attempt is made, regardless of the outcome, it is a successful learning experience. Those who succeed do not waste energy lamenting “failures”. They stay focused on what it is they want to achieve and make it happen with unbending intent.

The ultimate success is to live fully in the present moment, carrying out whatever activities bring inspiration without any attachment to the results.