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Persecution and Victimhood as Shields

When waging war, the shields of persecution / victimhood give strong defense.

If you are able to convince the rest of the world that your tribe has been the most victimized and persecuted ever, it provides cover to engage in myriad criminal activities and abuses of human rights, all the while expanding the power and influence of your tribe. Few will dare to launch a counter-attack because they don’t want to be accused of assaulting a beleaguered, victim class. In addition, if you distort and exaggerate your claims of victimhood, you will be able to extort millions upon billions of fraudulent reparation payments from innocent people for things that never happened. These innocent people will continue to pay, even though they know they had nothing to do with it, because of the false guilt and shame they feel. The restitution funds, along with donations, can then be funneled into multi-million dollar organizations that will keep the shields up and persecute those who question the lies. Just think about that for a moment… studying history, coming to a different conclusion based on the evidence and speaking out about it can land you in prison for denial. Seems to me like somebody has something to hide.

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Guilt and Shame as Weapons

When waging war, the weapons of guilt / shame provide powerful offense.

If you are able to convince a group of people that they are worthless through infiltrating and corrupting their culture so that it becomes materialistic and ugly, stripping out their moral / spiritual values and indoctrinating them with distorted historical accounts so they view their ancestors / race as evil—they will be disarmed. There will be no desire for self-preservation, survival instinct or fighting spirit. They will turn their love to other cultures and peoples rather than their own. They will allow themselves to be defiled, displaced and disowned. They will put up with just about anything. And, it will all be internally justified because they think they deserve it.

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