The True Enemy

What is with me wherever I go? The body.

People spend so much time catering to the body. Keeping it clean, keeping it healthy, keeping it fed, making it pretty for other people. And then it lets us down. It starts getting old, it starts getting ugly, it develops aches and pains, it gets diseases and eventually disintegrates. The enemy is not outside, it is the heap of atoms called me – the true “ene-me”.

Actually though, this is a shallow understanding of the enemy. The enemy is not the body, but attachment to the body. This obsession with the physical form.

Look at pharmaceutical companies and the health industry. They exploit body obsession with promises of quick fixes and products for enhancement. Do you pee too much? There is a pill for that. Are you getting wrinkles, losing hair… there is a pill for that. Can’t get it up? Never mind the fact that it is perhaps time for a break or a change of lifestyle, there is a pill that will fix you up. And, never mind the side-effects. If the side-effects are constantly reiterated at the end of TV commercials they eventually fail to register in the mind and are rendered as a nonplus. Pharmaceutical ads and the products they endorse on TV are just lame, period.

If we could do away with this attachment to the body we would be much better off (although the pharmaceutical companies might be hurting).

But really, attachment to the body is not the enemy. That is just one aspect. The real enemy is attachment itself. There are all sorts of things to be attached to besides the body. I can get attached to another person, a situation, possessions, success, a feeling, a set of beliefs, spirituality. People start wars based on their attachments. People live miserable lives based on their attachments. People build up their egos based on attachments, only to have them knocked down when circumstances change. The true enemy is attachment.

If attachment is done away with, life can be lived without hope or fear. Experiences can just be, and be perceived with full presence.

Live free of attachment. Live fearless.

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