The Best Idea for an Invention Ever

This is the one that is going to make me millions. Actually, the technology could be used in two products.

Get this:

An alarm clock and phone that sound EXACTLY like a police siren

People will be camping out to get theirs when these babies hit the shelves at Wal-Mart.

Just imagine:
waking up bright-eyed and chipper to the sound of a police siren.

that special someone calls and it sounds like a police siren.

Don’t feel bad if you only own a cell phone. The police siren ringtone will also be available, exclusively on There will be five different police siren ringtones to choose from. Collect the complete set and assign one to each of your fave five.

Be sure to adjust your ringer volume to max for full enjoyment. And don’t turn off your cell phone while watching a movie in the theater, or while dining at a restaurant, or while studying at the library, or while on a romantic date, or while being pulled over by a police officer for talking on the cell phone without a hands-free device…

Now for a demonstration of the police siren ringtone and alarm clock prototypes:

Police Siren 1 – The Wail

This classic is a tried-and-true favorite.

Police Siren 2 – The Fast Wail

A fast-paced variant of the standard wail. Sure to get your blood pumping first thing in the morning.

Police Siren 3 – The Dispatch

Time to wake up! Your presence is requested for coffee duty.

Police Siren 4 – The Airhorn

This buzzer will get you out of bed.

Police Siren 5 – The Yelp

Better than a yappy chihuahua first thing in the morning.

Police Siren 6 – Snooze Alert

This is what you get if you hit snooze.

Police Siren 7 – The Zinger

The Zinger makes snooze button procrastination a thing of the past.

Police Siren 8 – The Super Zinger

If you build up a tolerance to The Zinger, it is time to switch to The Super Zinger.

Police Siren 9 – The Rumbler

Total annihilation of your REM.

Police Siren 10 – The Fire Engine Duo

Multiple police sirens and a fire engine siren. NO BODY sleeps through this one.

And for the European Market:

Police Siren 11 – The European Siren

Wake up! Wake up! Crumpets and tea!

There will also be a police lights attachment to soup up your alarm clock for those especially cold and dark mornings.

Police Lights

*Police Lights attachment sold separately.

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