So much for Cyber Begging

After experimenting with the Adventure in Venture Capital aspect of this site for a while, it is definitely more lucrative to stand on the street corner as a stinky bum, with a lame cardboard sign and a cigarette hanging out of my mouth.

“Spare change to change the world?”

Look for the cardboard sign coming to a street corner near you.

1 thought on “So much for Cyber Begging

  1. The Adventure in Venture Capital has been put to rest on iseyz. It was never the main point of the site. Rather, it was experiment to try and raise some funds for good causes by asking for a couple of bucks from visitors, in a similar way that a homeless person might ask for spare change. Nobody was chipping in and I think it was actually annoying people more than anything else. There are better ways to raise funding. Also, this site has become to edgy and raw to be doing any fund raising. So, iseyz is just going to be what it is without any adventure in venture capital.

    I’ve posted the original statement below so if anybody happens to read this post, they know what it is talking about.

    An AdVenture in Venture Capital
    Think of me as a beggar on the street, but instead of holding up cardboard signs I’m posting blogs. And, rather than using the money to buy a can of beer or a pack of cigarettes, it will be used to make the world a better place for everyone. This is a different approach to raising venture capital. This is also a different approach to running a website because there are no ads. Do you remember the last time you visited a website that was sans advertising?

    If have found something useful, insightful or entertaining and would like to Chipin at least two dollars, it would be greatly appreciated and the money will be put to good use. Two dollars is such a small amount, nearly everyone can afford to Chipin. Chipping in is also good for your health. If you Chipin rather than buying junk-food you will live longer, lose weight and live a happier healthier life. Just imagine if you Chipin and make a positive resolution while doing so?

    But wait… There’s more! 😉 The money you contribute will be used to fund ethical businesses that are designed to improve peoples lives. It is my genuine motivation to do what I can in this lifetime to create better living situations for everyone on Earth. Practicality and morality can go hand-in-hand while running a successful business. Although it may seem like a small gesture, the effects of your contribution when you Chipin will be greatly beneficial and far-reaching.

    One of the businesses I’m working on is Themebot is a website that promotes open source web design and provides an excellent resource for finding free web layouts for visitors to use on their own sites. Themebot donates a portion of profits back to the open source community. The unsung open source heroes work hard as volunteers to create great free software that anyone can use and modify to suit their needs without crippling copyright restrictions. This movement is rapidly changing society.

    Themebot was launched on November 7th, 2006 with the goal of becoming a profitable business that gives back to the community while providing a useful resource for both members and visitors. Since then, Themebot has grown steadily and is now one of the most popular sites available for finding web design templates. There is so much to do that I’ve had to hire several people to help with the site. Venture capital has become very necessary.

    iseyz was created using WordPress, the most popular open source blog platform. The themes that appear on iseyz are themes submitted by members of Themebot. It is very easy to drop in a completely new layout when using a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress. There are thousands of beautiful, high-quality themes available for WordPress. Each month, or whenever a change is due, a new WordPress theme will be showcased on iseyz. The new layout will be selected from one of the Free WordPress Themes submitted by Themebot members.

    Before I built I was working on another business that hit some obstacles. I’ve had to leave that on the back-burner for the time being, along with a few other excellent ideas. There is only so much one person can do. When I am not working on my own business endeavors, I am doing web design for clients. This provides money for survival. All told, I usually end up working 12 hours a day, every day. My daily schedule consists of:

    1. Wake up, sit up in bed, turn on computer.
    2. Work until breakfast.
    3. Eat breakfast, work until lunch.
    4. Eat lunch, work until dinner.
    5. Eat dinner, work until bedtime.
    6. Close lid on laptop, lie down, shut eyeballs, wait for sleep.
    7. Repeat.

    This has been going on a bit too long now and it is taking its toll. It has become quite clear that some funding is needed.

    If 54,000 people visit this blog and each person donates only $2, that will be enough to get the businesses I am working launched and operating profitably. Then I can direct all of my energy and resources towards making positive changes in the world. I’m nothing special, but this is what I am doing with my life. If you are feeling generous, even the smallest tip will help. And, if you chip in twenty dollars or more, you will be listed in the Tip Top section.

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