Here is a quick compilation of politically incorrect slurs. If you identify with a group not represented here, I do apologize. As an exercise, read these out loud (especially the ones that invoke an emotional response when you see them.)

Ethnic Slurs

Afghans – Locust Eater
Africans – Kafir
Albanians – Shiptar
American Indians – Tonto
Americans – Yank
Amish – Yam
Antarcticans – Ant
Arabs – Dune Coon
Argentinians – Curepí
Armenians – Walking Carpet
Australian Aboriginals – Boong
Australians – Shackle Dragger
Austrians – Schluchtenscheißer
Belarusians – Bulbash
Belgians – Patatvreter
Bengalis – Bingo
Bolivians – Indio
Bosnians – Indijanac
Brazilians – Macaquito
Britons – Limey
Bulgarians – Bulgie
Cambodians – Khmerican
Canadian Aboriginals – Prigger
Canadians – Hoser
Cardassians – Spoonhead
Chileans – Chilote
Chinese – Chink
Colombians – Frogman
Creole – Chole
Croatians – Crote
Cubans – Rafter
Czechs – Checker Back
Danes – Hurdy-Gurdy
Dominicans – Dumb-inican
Dutch – Grachtenscheißer
Ecuadorians – Champiñone
Egyptians – Gyp
Eskimos – Skimo
Estonians – Kurad
Falklanders – Bennie
Filipinos – Buk-buk
Finns – Pekka
French – Frog
Germans – Nazi
Greeks – Wog
Guamanians – Chod
Guatemalans – Guati
Hatians – Voon
Hawaiians – Kanaka
Hispanics – Spic
Hungarians – Bohunk
Indonesians – Indon
Iraqis – Hadji
Irish – Paddy
Israelis – Yid
Italians – Dago
Jamaicans – Coolie
Japanese – Jap
Koreans – Kink
Latvians – Bauri
Lebanese – Leb
Lithuanians – Lithwhack
Macedonians – Blockhead
Mexicans – Beaner
Mongolians – Mongoloid
Moroccans – Bougnoul
Nepalese – Bahadur
New Zealanders – Kiwi
Norwegians – Norsky
Pakistanis – Paki
Palestinians – Paleostinian
Paraguayans – Paragua
Peruvians – Peruca
Poles – Pollock
Polynesians – Head Hunter
Portuguese – Greenhorn
Portuguese – Puerto Potty
Romanians – Gypsy
Russians – Commie
Salvadorans – Guancaca
Sami – Lapp
Scottish – Ginger-baw
Serbs – Shkije
Slovakians – Round-face
Slovenians – Sciavi
Somalians – Tusken
South Africans – Rooinek
Spaniards – Gachupín
Swedes – Bög
Swiss – Röstifresser
Taiwanese – Twink
Turks – Kinderficker
Ukrainians – Hohol
Vietnamese – Gook
Welsh – Sheep-Shagger

Racial Slurs

Blacks – Nigger
Blues – Arcturian
Browns – Latrino
Dark Browns – Raghead
Greens – Little Green Man
Greys – Zeta Reticuli
Reds – Injun
Whites – Cracker
Yellows – Slant

Religious Slurs

Buddhists – Navel Starer
Christians – Bible Thumper
Hindus – Dot Head
Protestants – Holy Roller
Catholics – Creeping Jesus
Jews – Snipcock
Muslims – Katwa
Sikhs – Towelhead

Sexual Slurs

Bisexuals – AC/DC
Females – Bitch
Gays – Faggot
Intersex – Hermaphrodite
Lesbians – Dyke
Males – Dick
Straight – Breeder
Transsexual – Tranny

If I did not choose the most derogatory slur for each group, again I must apologize and please politically uncorrect me.

When it comes down to it, what are these slurs really? When spoken, they are just sound waves vibrating molecules that are assigned significance by the person hearing them. When written, they are merely straight and curved lines that form letters that form words that are abstract symbols given meaning by the person viewing them. If every individual in every group were intelligent, tolerant, enlightened beings, we could all be calling each other slurs and it would not be a problem. It would be like two buddies ribbing each other. However, individuals take themselves and identification with their group way too seriously and are way too sensitive.

In the spirit of true diversity, it is extremely important that people honor and preserve their cultural heritage, ethnic uniqueness and the contributions of their ancestors, particularly in societies that have developed a high-degree of cohesiveness, functionality and harmony. With that said, it is naively Utopian to expect groups of people who look different, speak different languages, have contradictory views and no interest in assimilating to happily coexist in the same place without conflict. Even with family members, it can be challenging at times to keep things harmonious.

Tribes should respect each other when respect is due and work together to depose the tribes that belligerently seek to deceive and corrupt others for their own gain. When it comes to self-preservation, there is nothing wrong with setting boundaries to prevent intermingling with other tribes that are going to be confrontational. The fact that all of these slurs exist is evidence that people are tribal and tend to dislike the way other tribes do what they do.

When are slurs useful?

1. Slurs can be useful for focusing hatred towards groups of corrupt individuals who are committing atrocities against other humans with no regard for the suffering they are causing. Hatred and anger are natural, built-in emotions with the effect of motivating people to take action against injustice and put a stop to abuse. Like any weapon that cuts both ways, these emotions need to be wielded with honor, moral fortitude and precision. Of course, it should be remembered that not every individual who could be labeled as a member of a group is responsible for or wants to have anything to do with the evils committed by that group.

2. If someone refers to me with a slur or insult, it is an opportunity to self-reflect. If there is something about my conduct that is inappropriate, I want to know about it so I can make the proper adjustments. On the other hand, if a slur was dealt out of ignorance or emotional shortcomings, I can choose to react to it like the air absorbing blows from an immature child lashing out at the wind. This becomes an exercise in appropriate self-restraint. It is a waste of time and energy to get in a fight, perhaps risking life and limb, with a name-calling ignoramus.

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