Why invade with an army from without when you can do more damage with an army of Social Justice Warriors from within?

All hopped up on a combination of guilt, self-loathing and self-righteous anger that has been inflicted by weaponized history / media, the SJWs will turn against their own people.

Spurred on by emotions, Utopian pipe-dreams, delusions of moral superiority; completely closed off to critically examining their views, having a level-headed debate or actually looking at reality, the SJW will naively favor hostile strangers and tear down their own nation, effectively committing cultural / ethnic suicide.


(Take note of the only symbol that still looks the same after being inverted.)

The Cultural Marxists have done a Fabianly fabulous job of inverting human nature and fooling good-hearted people into believing they should coexist with incompatible people who on average have no interest in coexisting with them other than taking advantage of the infrastructure built by their hosts’ ancestors and eventually taking over.

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