Self Documentary

I truly believe that the source of all my problems is identifying with a sense of self. Whether I am identifying with my body or the thoughts that are flashing through my mind, believing that “this is me” and reacting in an ignorant way is the only thing that is problematic. Even when something happens outside of my body / mind that is “bad” (like if somebody stole my car) it is only the way my perceived sense of self is reacting to the occurrence that is uncomfortable. Perhaps the thief did me a favor and prevented me from getting in a car accident the next day.

This collection of thoughts and atoms that I think is me, is actually just a little piece of the entire reality.

And, it is not the self that is the problem. There are a lot of good things that come with being an individual. If I can experience the first person while maintaining a third person perspective, as if watching a movie, life is much more enjoyable. Sometimes it is a drama, sometimes a comedy, sometimes a romance, sometimes a thriller. It is all entertaining.

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