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Got Pepper?

pepper motionOkay, so I’m sitting at a local pub getting some work done as I write this. It is Tuesday night pint night, drink beer – win prizes. My laptop is practically an appendage.

Across from me, a married couple has seated at the table, obviously not locals. I estimate they are in their mid-fifties and from Mid-America. The woman has on all black and her shirt says “Scaredy Cat” with an illustration of a cat that seems to have electricity running along it’s fur and a painful looking facial expression. The man has on all blue — jeans and a tucked-in button-up dark-blue long-sleeve shirt. They both have on rattlesnake skin shoes. Actually, the guy has rattlesnake skin sandals, and socks. He may look cool in those rattle-snake skin sandals, but what he really wants is a pair of Mandals.

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Worst Company Logos

Sherwin Williams LogoWhile walking along the San Lorenzo river the other day, I glanced over at the Sherwin Williams store in downtown Santa Cruz. I thought to myself, “That has to be the ugliest company logo I have ever seen.”

First of all, the flat faded blue and red just don’t look that good. Who paints the interior or exterior of their house with those color combinations? I don’t care for the thick blue outline around the paint either. And, to top it off, the idea of dumping a can of red paint over the world is just plain tacky considering all of the environmental issues we are facing.

What do you think. Is this the worst company logo?

Watsonville Fire / Larkin Valley Fire – Videos

Another fire broke out in the Santa Cruz area. This fire started near Trabing rd, where it burned several buildings, and it is now burning around Watsonville and Larkin Valley. I was also in close vicinity to the Bonny Doon wildfire when it started. My friend and I had to evacuate and he was not able to return to his house for several days. Yet another wildfire and another mandatory evacuation. Apparently somebody was seen starting spot fires in the afternoon. Hopefully, the firefighters were notified early enough to contain this blaze. Freedom Blvd is jammed with bumper to bumper traffic as people have been forced to leave their homes.

I walked outside around 4:00 PM and could see the smoke rising over the ridge. Ominous black smoke. I rode my bike down a back road with a friend of mine to get a closer view. We were able to see the smoke rising up from behind several houses and there was a helicopter dipping into a pond nearby to douse the flames. I took some video footage of the fire and will be posting that soon. They have cut the power at my house and the cops just stopped by to let us know that there is a mandatory evacuation. I’m currently on my laptop with my cell phone tethered for internet. As I look over the ridge near my house the smoke seems to be clearing. The fire is probably heading in the Watsonville direction at this point. I’ll be posting the videos of the fire as soon as possible.

Trabing, Watsonville Fire Video

Here is some video footage of the Trabing fire that spread to Larkin Valley and is still burning in the Watsonville area. You can see the white smoke rising just behind some of the houses. Thirty minutes before I rode my bike to this ridge and shot the footage, the flames could be seen rising above the trees behind the houses. Thanks to the swift response of the firefighters who put a damper on the blaze with helicopter drops, these houses were saved. The fire in Trabing burned more than nine houses and over 2000 people have been evacuated. Watsonville was not in imminent danger and the fire is fifty percent contained at this point. I packed up my important belongings and left the area, not wanting to risk waking up to a house in flames. It is looking hopeful that people will be able to return to their homes on Saturday. Many thanks to the firefighters who are working hard to stop the fire.

Nomad | Yesmad

thejourney.pngAm I mad? Maybe. This is the fourth time I’ve had to move in the past eight months. My crazy land lady wants the apartment back. The one she just rented to me a month ago. I’m getting sick of this crap. Anyhow, time for a theme change. A nice theme called, The Journey was just uploaded on Themebot. I’ve got one week to find a new place to live. I’m contemplating whether or not I can still afford to live in Santa Cruz. I can’t. Can I afford to live anywhere besides a cardboard box with high-speed internet?

In the face of adversity, to recognize that life is like a dream and that all experiences are impermanent. Truly a blessing.