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Bacon Litmus Test

Bacon StripIf we are on a date,

and you will not try even one delicious bite of bacon

(non-GMO, locally raised of course)

it just isn’t going to work.

You know, pH / chemistry, that kind of stuff.

No Bacon = No Love Makin’ + Heart Breakin’.

But we can still be friends…


Sorry, that’s the way it is.

Guys have their dignity and boundaries too.

Deep Romance

Angler Fish - Ready to hit the singles sceneI ended up watching Animal Planet while eating my dinner. A show was on about deep sea creatures. There are some bizarre beasties floating around down there. With this one species of fish, the male is about 10 times smaller than the female. He hunts around for a mate and when he finds her and keeps biting at her until he gets a good grip. Then, after a while they become fused and spend the rest of their life together. The male turns into an appendage and is nourished through the food she takes in, providing in exchange a viable stream of sperm. Talk about codependency!

Then there is this shrimp-like thing that craps out a bioluminescent depth charge to evade predators. To think that Earth is just one planet in a small solar system in a small galaxy, in a gigantic universe that we can’t even begin to truly comprehend…