Ragnar the Opulent and His Chi-Mendous Balls

Peter Ragnar Peter Ragnar and the Opulent Reality. I was browsing zaadz.com last night (recently bought and assimilated by gaia.com) and saw this ad banner prominently displayed in the Sponsors column. Gaia.com is a socially conscious community-based networking site. I rarely click on ads unless I’m looking for something specific, but this one caught my eye and I decided to check it out. The browser was directed to http://www.peterragnar.com with a splash page and link to enter the site.

Uh oh. Once you are in you are greeted with the following quote, “You Didn’t Visit Here by Accident” followed by “Dear Friend,”. To the left you have photos of Peter Ragnar fading in and out. The whole vibe just seems off, but I decided to suspend judgment and dig a little deeper.

The first thing I clicked on was the “Storefront”. Hmm, the Opulent Reality Symposium. It only costs $797 and comes with four free bonus packages. What a deal! Next, I clicked on “View All Products”. Right at the top of the product list: Chi-Mendous Balls. I start thinking to myself, is he “Ragnar the Opulent or Ragnar the Horrible?” I’m sure Ragnar the Horrible would love to have you fondling his Chi-Mendous Balls for the low price of only $59.97.

Next I click “Peter’s 7 Vows” and then click “On Visiting Peter”. There is a link to watch an interview and I click it. http://www.yoursymposium.com/ . Youtube time. The video starts with a vault that resembles a mandala opening. There is a funky melodic jingle (they obviously understand the psychological importance of catchy jingles) and the vault creaks open to reveal Peter Ragnar brandishing a staff. This is a conference call interview. In case you are wondering what the hell the dude at the bottom is doing in the little box, that is disciple Tony and he gives a testimonial later.

The whole Opulent Reality Symposium site reeks of scam. A couple quotes:

Dear Friend,

Wouldn’t you love to master the trick to almost “Magical Prosperity”?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to work your butt off to receive some of the GOOD STUFF life offers?

Once you master the trick, you’ll no longer have to slave away, enduring hours of toil.

Good Things will EASILY float into your life.

Discover How to REALLY influence and persuade others with more power and precision than you ever imagined. This is the EXACT program that Len has used to acquire “Mega Deals” with Multi-Millionaires (one deal he initiated and closed within four hours – and this particular millionaire didn’t even know him before that day)!

Wow. Maybe I should sign up for the symposium. I’m sick of enduring hours of toil. Perhaps if I learn how to infuse my affirmations with “super-charged chi energy” I will have all the abundance I desire.

After the symposium… “Crap! I just wasted $797 of my hard-earned abundance for this?”

I really can’t say whether this is a case of Ragnar the Horrible or Ragnar the Opulent. Peter has written a lot of good things on his site and his health is obviously vibrant. If he truly has people’s best interests and well-being at heart and his methods work, I’ll have to ask forgiveness for writing this blog. However, when you visit the symposium site it is like a blaring neon scam signal. Why didn’t Len hire a decent web designer with some of the money he has acquired closing mega deals with multi-millionaires? If Peter and his disciples are just focused on scamming people out of their money then it is a shame. When individuals use charisma and spiritual concepts for personal gain at the expense of others, it creates a deeply rooted stigma in people’s minds that can close the doors to true spirituality. There is nothing worse than a money-grubbing false guru.

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  1. and you know i have a feeling there will be even more as people become more desperate for money. and the thing is, when people don’t have enough money for simple lifestyles in the states, they seem to desperately pursue riches! lol

  2. The financial health of the US is looking kind of grim right now. Hopefully we don’t go into a depression, with a bunch of depressing gurus touting their wares.

  3. we might very well go into a depression. but we are so addicted to all this stuff that we fear lives of very little.

  4. Whoever wrote this article did not suspend judgement or dig deep enough to discover the essence. This is so typically american. Wow, people still judge a book by its cover? It is great to be skeptical but Peter is one of the most amazing people you could ever have the privilege to meet. The information he charges people for was offered free for over 20 years. But when you give something away for free, people do not see the value or do the required work to get the results. When he started charging, people would get results. Its value for value. People in the US still are hoping to get something for free. Nothing’s free, not even enlightenment, because in order to get results you must pay attention, provide clear intention and do the work needed. Everything takes effort. Peter has more to offer humanity than any wise person I have ever met and believe me, I have been around the world and studied with scores of so called masters. Peter Ragnar is literally a true example of someone who loves life so unconditionally that he is able to share what he has learned with anyone who has a mind that is open enough to recieve it. Money is only energy. True wealth is measured by what your prolonged conscious attitude cultivates. With an untarnished love of life and an amazing attitude towards it, the results you get and the wealth you aquire goes way beyond monetary value. At that point in your evolution money just decides to come along for the ride, its the only option it has. Are you willing to commit your entire belief structure to your own personal human and conscious evolution? I hope so because it is a prerequisite for collective human evolution. If you are not interested in personal excellence and limitless consciousness than definitly avoid Peter. The mass mob gladly holds a place for you.

  5. Of course not. I am just saying that people should love themselves and others WAY more than they spend their time criticizing.

  6. i wish there was more unconditional love, i truly do. as a buddhist, i spend a good portion of the day praying for such things. might seem silly but there you have it. i spend the day praying for your happiness! lol

  7. Hi Seth. Thank you for the intelligent comments. It is my wish that true spiritual masters have more wealth so that they can have a greater influence in the world for the benefit of humanity. I really question the integrity of the yoursymposium site. It looks like a scam and makes me wonder who they are targeting with their message. With lines like this:

    “Once you master the trick, you’ll no longer have to slave away, enduring hours of toil.”

    you’ve got to question the authenticity. To even present the idea that there is a “trick” to gaining wealth and not having to work hard anymore that can be learned at a three day seminar sure smells like BS.

    Here is another one:
    “Prosperity emotions convert energy into cash anytime you want some.”

    This is quoted from the Opulent Reality Symposium video on Youtube.


    If Peter can show me how to do this, it would be worth the $797 to attend the symposium. If Peter has already mastered this and has everyone’s best interests at heart, why is he charging for the symposium? If he can manifest cash anytime he wants some, there is no need to charge for the event. I’m sure many more people would attend if it were offered for free. I’d be there.

  8. Sean, sorry for coming off a little agressive about it. I need to spend more time in my heart and criticize less as well. I constantly make choices to do so and its a cumulative process. Much like Peters teachings. The concepts can be grasped immediatly, but to get results that he claims possible it takes time as there are many social/physical/spiritual barriers that one must overcome before the results he speaks of can be experienced for oneself. But I can tell you I have experienced more amazing results working with Peter than anyone else. Again, I have worked with many different beings, but we all obviously resonate with some more than others. Peter is a close personal friend of mine and I can tell you, he is absolutely authentic, sincere and abounding with the most tangible love and life force I have ever experienced from a human being living in flesh on this planet right now. He literally is pure unconditional love. His heart is as big as the outdoors. Like I said, he did offer this info for free for over 20 years but people did not do the work. When you spend $797 for a course, you are gonna do the work with your heart and soul so that you can get your values worth. He is extremely wealthy and only teaches because of his love for us. Alot of people have requested his teachings on money making, thats why he has been doing it lately. Making money is a very small aspect of what he teaches. The core of his teachings are building a strong spiritual foundation that is more rational than any I have ever experienced. No ones work that I have ever agreed with so fully, has challenged me so much, on all levels! But I am me, and you are you…

  9. I’m glad to hear that Seth. I like a lot of what is written on Ragnar’s site. Maybe he and Len just need to tone down the infomercial feel of the sites and videos.

    When I wrote this blog, I was writing my honest reaction to the site and I’m sure other people react in the same way when they see yoursymposium.com. Of course, it is up to everyone to do their own due diligence, especially before jumping into a relationship with a guru and spending money on spiritual teachings.

    Peace, Sean

  10. Right about now I’d love to see that thing that Luke Skywalker fought in Jabba the Hutt’s pit, what was that thing called, a Rancor? yeah that’s it I’d really like to see him come through here right about now and really rip the living crap out of this whole scene. that would be way cool.

  11. Hi everyone,

    I’ve bought many of Peter’s courses and I found them incredibly beneficial to building my own health and wealth. Please keep in mind, quality comes at a price.

    I’m not a millionaire yet, but I’m happy with how I’m building my net worth with the help of Peter’s guidance. I still work at a 9-5 job for the city, but interestingly I always seem to be so much richer and healthier than my coworkers. While they are living paycheck to paycheck, I live comfortably on my income, have thousands saved for a rainy day, have a small pile of gold and silver, am invested in stocks, am easily paying for my house, and live in relative ease. Two years ago, I was broke! On top of that, I’m never sick. My coworkers are always coming down with something while it’s strange for me to even feel as though I’m starting a cold.

    So please, don’t bash Peter unless you’ve AT LEAST bought and read one of his books. Not everything he sells is costly. He sells some courses for as low as 50 dollars. And if you can’t afford that, I strongly suggest that you not worry about Peter in the least and just try to get your own life in order.

  12. I ahve no problem with Peter Ragnar charging for his information. There are many of us who are trapped in the old consciousness that spiritual teaching should be free. If it is no then we feel betrayed. If you aren’t willing to pay for it how much value could it have to you?

  13. Agreed. There is no problem with charging for spiritual teachings. I have paid to attend many retreats and I feel it is necessary to charge in the United States because most people won’t make donations or offer financial support otherwise, and then the teachings would not be available. However, this becomes problematic when people make a business out of spiritual teachings. Especially if they make promises that can’t be kept and rip people off.

    I took a screen shot of the original yoursymposium.com website for posterity (the site was taken offline a long time ago). The site was used to advertise the Opulent Reality symposium. Click on the thumbnail below to view the full image, read through it and let me know if you think it looks like a scam or not.

    Peter Ragnar - Opulent Reality

  14. Hard sell yes, scam not so sure. I guess it all depends on what one gets out his work. As Sandi said we all see what we look for.

  15. Making responsible choices that work for us is our duty to ourselves. Being a victim is also a choice. If this, or anything else, doesn’t feel right to you….don’t participate and move on. It’s not necessary to judge it for others. It is then we gain respect of the sacred space of ourselves and All Our Relations.

  16. I have some of those balls and yes from a busted up back to squatting 400 pounds. I would say its working for me. Do i believe everything that he said, No that would be silly,but we must be willing to change oursevles. To look for that witch makes us better and stronger. I’m sorry that you spent all that money and got nothing more than crap, but if it smells like a turd,and looks like a turd than its probably a turd.

    Just as Sandi said make responsible choices that work for you, and that make you happy and in turn will make others happy around you.

  17. Billy….you are a very sweet soul and I’m glad your back is better. You were very couragious to look at yourself to find the warrior within. Great lesson for us all….what we feed grows. Keep feeding that warrior and squat 500lbs!!!!

  18. That is funny Sean. Of course that is exactly what he is trying to do. Whether hi method works for you is another question. In fact, if it would work for me is another question. And well said Sandi and Billy.

  19. I’ve gotta say, anyone who attempts to squat 400 lbs has chimendous balls au naturale 😉

    I hope your back heals soon Billy and if Ragnar’s products work for you, that is excellent.

    I feel like most if not all of the money I have spent on meditation retreats and spiritual workshops has been a great investment in my own personal growth and spiritual development. I have been fortunate to meet many authentic teachers who are genuinely compassionate and seem to have deep inner realization.

    I tend to be cautious about accepting advice from teachers who make promises that seem too good to be true or appear to be self-made gurus. That is all, I question and carefully examine any teacher and don’t make any firm decisions either way until I have experienced the teachings and teacher for myself.

  20. Peters offerings are based upon the practice that he does and has been doing everyday for years. If someone were to look into the core of these teachings they would find that it requires unending discipline and the commitment to continuously evolve, throughly, through every single level of their personal incarnation. That includes all of the topics that were until recently considered taboo by many spiritual teachings. It is as in-depth and comprehensive as a teaching can be, yet it is conveyed in an easily assimilable manner. These teachings are only for the very rare few who are absolutely committed to personal evolution through every aspect of their existence. If the modernized method of expression is a turn off for some, then that is fine. Peter only offers the map that he has committed his life’s work to discover. He has never claimed to be a spiritual teacher, only a human being, fully committed to his own in-depth continuous evolution.

    When a human being or a teacher makes and admits their mistakes as soon as they realize it is a mistake, to me that is a testament to their integral humanity.

    I am not selling anything. As a life long spiritual seeker who has explored many many paths throughout my life, I am jut sharing my experience.

    Thank you all for listening!

  21. Guys…this is all Universal Law. It has exsisted since the beginning of time. Just like gravity. It just is.
    It’s not a matter of LEARNING it….it’s a matter of REMEMBERING it.
    When it becomes organic and we just ARE it, then we won’t need the balls or anything else as tools. We flow naturally through the process and become our visions.
    Of course, what you guys do with your balls is your business :’)
    Love to you all!

  22. Hehe. Very true and well said Sandi. I think my understanding of spirituality thus far is similar, in that it is a process of uncovering / recognizing what is present and true in this very moment, the thread that runs through every experience, as opposed to creating something that didn’t already exist. Some people wake up in an instant, as soon as something comes into their life that introduces them to their true self. For other people it takes a lifetime of effort and practice. And, other people never even consider the possibility of waking up.

    Of course there is the relative aspect to spirituality, the path, the changing of habits, the rituals, the spiritual accessories, the workshops etc. But all of this, if it is coming from a genuine source of realization, is designed to facilitate waking up to what is innately true and living from that perspective rather than subscribing to destructive psychological patterns.

    Everyone has a unique experience, even if we talk about things using similar terms. Every living being is an entire universe being experienced through the lens of their individuality. There is a saying that when you become enlightened, everyone simultaneously becomes enlightened in that very instant.

  23. Sean, beautiful statement! “Everyone has a unique experience, even if we talk about things using similar terms. Every living being is an entire universe being experienced through the lens of their individuality. There is a saying that when you become enlightened, everyone simultaneously becomes enlightened in that very instant.”

    Well, everything seemingly is all a matter of individual perspective anyway. People seek out or resonate with whatever they are interested in their own timing.

    Sandi, I agree with you to a large extent, we must remember what we have forgotten but please correct me if I have misunderstood you. You said “Guys…this is all Universal Law, It’s not a matter of LEARNING it….it’s a matter of REMEMBERING it”

    It is not a matter of learning kind of implies that the universe is absolute and past tense, like it has already happened. I feel like it is always happening, growing and learning more about itself. The big bang is still banging! We all know that life is all one with the same roots and connection but it is still growing and expressing itself in ways that are new and non-predictable for the most part.

    Isn’t learning the practice of being in harmony with the present moment and observing it’s unpredictable miraculous nature while grounding its teachings into our being?

  24. It is really sad to see this so called “spiritual” and
    ‘well intentioned’ guy that wants to help people who isn’t aware of how powerful they could become, BS!!!!

    Seth, dearest Peter’s friend? yeah we could tell that from all that devotion coming from your so enlightening description of his good faith. But you know what? you could say even that he is ‘a Saint’ but the crude reality is that what ever Peter does it is accessible only to the already wealthy people, because even an average medium class can’t afford $797.00 for his symposium, to see ‘if maybe’ you could ‘turn on a switch’ so you could become wealthy without working hard, it is just a trick that can be learned in a weekend.
    So ‘Mr. Spirituality’ is not accessible to the ‘mass mob” as you call them and I call them THE ONES MORE IN NEED of his so called ‘tricky teachings’? so this world could be more balanced? I can see all his unconditional love inundating this world. Blessing

  25. “Seek and ye shall find,” “faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain,” “when the student is ready the teacher shall appear.” Where on this planet will we find truth and hope if we do not first look?

    I have not but will definitely order products from Roaring Lion, simply because I percieve the enlightenment received will continue to nurture my seed of hue-man potential.

    I am a truth seeker, and I evaluate all the information I possible can each and every day with the intent of seeking and accepting personal growth. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars to that end. I evolved beyond prior teachings, (expensive) but not wastefull.

  26. Proceed with Caution. Peter Ragnar’s real name is Peter Lundell. He is a construction worker from WV who left his wife and child 27 years ago for another woman. He did not pay one dime in child support nor has he spoken to them since. His mistress left two children including a paraplegic. There is some opulent truth for you.

  27. Please,Joy,elaborate.I’ve been researching this individual and trying to find out where he came from and what he’s about.What got him on my radar was his price for a ticket to see him talk,over a thousand bucks,sounds like a new age version of a Pentecostal preacher.

  28. In all due fairness to Mr.Ragnar I must say the Christians have been pulling the same crap for centuries at least with Mr.Ragnar you do get some DVD’s and magnetic balls to take home with you.

  29. As human we grow from our experiences. If Peter has a history that is not as pretty has some would love it to be, should it matter? Crazy question, right? We learn from experience. We fall, we pick ourselves up, we fall again, but as we go forward we learn from the law of cause and effect. Hopefully, one day, we value the easier path, one that is void of so much bruises and fatalities. Looking back, those who still suffer, reminds us of skeletons of the past. The truth is that we have grown and they haven’t. If someone’s teaching attracts you, then it is what you seek. Being attached to the messenger is a great mistake. Take the message and go to work, honoring your teachers by your actions. Their past is for them to deal with. I feel for those who suffer or are bitter for they haven’t found in themselves to move forward. Just know that as we grow it becomes our responsibility to assist others in their own fulfillment. My first obligation is to be the best I can be, with the help of anybody who has something to offer to expand my awareness. To those who suffer and feel stuck, if you dare look up you would find a hand stretched out for you. Nothing will justify the suffering, but as a stubborn race, we often choose the growing pains over better choices.

  30. I find this Peter Lundell stuff very interesting, because there is indeed a Peter Lundell, age 67, who lives in Gatlinburg, TN, and has a P.O. Box as his registered address. I do skip traces all the time, and that’s what I found. I’m almost convinced he’s around 67 years old. He’s in INCREDIBLE shape for a man that age, and I hope to be in that kind of shape in the next 30+ years. I don’t know if I buy the story about him leaving a paralyzed kid behind. If that’s the case, then I’m sure he learned from his mistakes as we all do. I find Peter Ragnar/Lundell to be a very interesting man, regardless.

    A lot of these raw food guys go by aliases. I highly doubt Daniel Vitalis is his real name, and I don’t think David Wolfe’s real name is Wolfe either. They do it so no one can find out any dirt on them. Keeps the mystery alive. 🙂

  31. Anyone know how and why Peter’s split with Roaring Lion came about? In reference to all of the comments above and Peter’s legitimacy, let me just say that I too have bought his products throughout the years and I have found them lacking in quality. Every one of his books is full of typos. This should be a red flag any time you have to pay exorbitant amounts of money for knowledge that can be found elsewhere for much cheaper. Years ago I paid over $30.00 for his small book entitled “The Awesome Science of Luck” and I couldn’t believe how big the type was and how many pages were blank just to make it seem like the book was bigger than it was. Also, there were a bunch of pages with ads for his other products as if these couldn’t be seen on his former website (he’s no longer associated with RL Publishing). His “Secrets of Money Magic” course was also a total rip off. Two of the discs didn’t even work as if they were burned on someone’s cheap CDRW drive and not checked for flaws. The booklet that came with the course was basically a transcription of what was on the CD’s and, of course, it was riddled with typos. You’d think a multimillionaire like Peter would have a simple little thing called spell check on his word processor. I guess not! The chi gung “course” was also sub par. I’ve been doing martial arts, yoga, and chi gung for decades now and Peter’s chi gung, which he claims is the original Muscle/Tendon Changing Classic, isn’t very dynamic but also it seems to be missing many of the movements that seem to be common to almost every supposed version I’ve ever seen of Da Mo’s set. All the while you’re paying hundreds of dollars and not getting anything of value besides maybe the magnets themselves.

    Guys like Peter Ragnar and Kevin Trudeau are what I like to call New Age hucksters. They present certain truths about the universe and some valuable products (that are way overpriced) to get their customers hooked. In the end they’re the one’s who end up getting rich while you end up paying thousands of dollars more because the “courses” costing hundreds didn’t quite get you to that opulent reality they have you craving for. It begs the question, why does Peter need the money so badly? Because he thinks YOU won’t do the work? If he truly cared about people he wouldn’t charge them $797.00 just so they may or may not see the light. If they still don’t catch the “secret” of money magic then they’re still out $797.00. And what would be Peter’s solution for you if you still didn’t “get it”? Charging you more money of course! Peter just doesn’t have the universal love that I would expect from a true master. He’s an unabashed materialist always going on about his Turbo Bentley’s and lavish vacations. As far as his political views he’s an anarchist but more aligned with the libertarians (he used to quote Glenn Beck) than the free love hippies. Always emphasizing how poor people are the one’s making themselves poor and how there’s an unlimited amount of wealth in the world, which is funny because The Federal Reserve only allows for so much money to be in the world and it’s currently in the hands of 0.1% to .01% of the population who horde it all for themselves. Real masters don’t charge for universal knowledge and wisdom especially if they have empathy and compassion for humanity.

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