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Mass Immigration

If you are one of those naive, bleeding-heart, all are equal, anyone is welcome, we will get along, everyone deserves access to our infrastructure without having earned it, guilty, pathetic, self-loathing whites with no love for your own people, culture or ancestors who made it possible for you to have a comfortable life…

Just watch this and seriously ponder if you will be enjoying the diversity when it comes to your neighborhood:

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Cucks & Kikes

The two-party system is an illusion. True liberals and conservatives have gone the way of the dodo. There are just a bunch of sellouts who have gone cuckoo, soiling the nest for the rest of us. They are more interested in serving the maniacs in Israel than the American people whom they are supposed to represent.

Every time one of these cucksuckers calls for more war in the Middle East or more immigration, they need to be blocked, called what they are and tasked to go fly a kite.

Do You Cuckoo?

To comprehend mass immigration in just under 4 minutes, watch this:

Those of us who live in highly developed countries had the opportunity to build our nests, thanks to the extraordinary sacrifices of our ancestors. We have been lulled to sleep by the multicult. We are often either underemployed or working too hard while taxes and the cost of living continue to rise. This is particularly true for the younger generation. And, we are becoming a minority.

It is 6 AM, the cuckoo clock is chiming and it is time to wake up.

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