Originators of Styles / Progenitors of Genre

There are styles of music. Then, there is the larger scope of genre.

For example, there is Rock & Roll and Rap, which are genres. Then within those genres there are distinct styles. Usually the musicians who become famous are credited for creating the style. But we never know who was really the first to create a style, because before a style becomes popular there is no documentation or way of knowing who was doing what. Perhaps the famous musicians were inspired by something they were listening to that never made it mainstream and was never recorded.

Then there are the progenitors of a genre. Again, the first person / group to become famous in a genre is usually credited as the inventor. It would be interesting to know some history about the actual inventors of genres and hear the progression of their experimentation as they formed a new genre from existing musical standards. I wonder what those people are doing today if they are still alive and what their thoughts are.

This is what is running through my mind this morning as I am getting ready to blend my breakfast shake. Why am I even thinking about this? Shush brain!

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