Once a Weak

I become weak when I let myself act out of anger or insecurity because of the thoughts I am having about how somebody else is perceiving me. Whether my thoughts or the other person’s perceptions are accurate or not, it is foolish to let myself get carried away by emotions and assume I know the absolute truth about the situation.

When a moment like this arises, I need to remember the times I have formed an opinion about somebody or something, only to find out later that my opinion was wrong. I need to remember that every living being shares the same basic desire to have happiness and avoid suffering. And, every living being has a different definition of “happiness” and a different path to achieving fulfillment. I should call to mind the times I have followed the wrong path only to bring about negative circumstances for myself and others.

I need to take my narrow frame of mind and expand it, recognizing the vastness of space and time.

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