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thejourney.pngAm I mad? Maybe. This is the fourth time I’ve had to move in the past eight months. My crazy land lady wants the apartment back. The one she just rented to me a month ago. I’m getting sick of this crap. Anyhow, time for a theme change. A nice theme called, The Journey was just uploaded on Themebot. I’ve got one week to find a new place to live. I’m contemplating whether or not I can still afford to live in Santa Cruz. I can’t. Can I afford to live anywhere besides a cardboard box with high-speed internet?

In the face of adversity, to recognize that life is like a dream and that all experiences are impermanent. Truly a blessing.

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  1. Words of Wisdom

    Do not rent from a landlady who has a magnet of Warrior Princess Xena on the fridge with the following quote:

    “I just want to get through the day without having to kick someone’s ass.”

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