My Stalker

A few days ago I found this message on my voicemail after coming home:

The call was received from Annette Rove (410) 306-6645. Since I don’t know anybody who lives in Maryland and none of my friends have fessed up to the message, there must be a stalker out there who likes me and goes by the name of “Brother Love.” It is kind of creepy that somebody went out of their way to find my phone number and had a song cued for my message machine. Gotta love the internet.

I guess I could call the number back, but that would take all of the fun out of waiting for my special stalker to be steaming up the bedroom window while peering in at midnight.

14 thoughts on “My Stalker

  1. i’ve noticed that my windows have been more fogged up than usual the past couple nights. maybe he is standing outside… watching me… with his Maryland cell phone in his pocket… set to vibrate…

  2. “Bonnie Ty” is a reference to Bonnie Tyler who sang the song, “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” That’s the song that was queued. I still have his number…

  3. even so…
    it sounds like a guy who goes by the name Brother Love who is leaving message for his friend Sean, that part is very clear. I like my drug dealer theory, and the 2nd word does sound like TAR not Tyler. I think this is much ado about nothing, but interesting regardless.

  4. lol,that is funny ,the scary part is def.the Bonnie Tyler song !! esp. when i found myself humming along & knowing the lyrics …..yikes

  5. WAIT A MINUTE! If your name is not Sean, it’s just a wrong number.
    Clearly what he says is:

    “Jesus, Sean, you need to get a life, man, that’s a HORRIBLE message! Anyhow, I just thought I’d call and say “hey”. This is Brother Love. Just come across some more Bonney-tar, I was thinkin’ about you. Hopin’ you’re doin’ well, man!”

    Sounds like one friend is calling another, or else Brother Love is a dealer with Black-tar heroin. The music is just background music close to the phone as he was hanging up. You’ve gone a bit over-the-top paranoid.

    The only real mystery is what-the heck is “Bonney-tar”?

    (and I was thinking it was Karl Rove’s wife calling you!, now THAT would be creepy!)

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