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No Escape from the Cookies!

This morning I was thinking about another invention that I’m never going to get around to building because it is too complex.

Two hours later I’m standing in front of the gas pump at a Shell station. There is a TV above the pump spewing out advertisements. Everywhere you go, somebody is trying to sell you something. This particular delivery method is a good strategy. I wouldn’t doubt it that the advertising is more potent, because they have your undivided attention and you are inhaling gas fumes.

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So Unmajestic

Han Solo’s Souled-out Spree

Infernal astronaut – launched like a ball of snot

The stinker has been found in the stinking itself

Mo’ self
Mo’ wealth
Mo’ money
Mo’ betta’

Lessens of noncents, learned from Kmart

The Mal Wart has sprouted
Another shopping tumor

When I grow up, I just want to be
A Toys”R”Us kid.

(A parody of Soul Majestic)

So much for Cyber Begging

After experimenting with the Adventure in Venture Capital aspect of this site for a while, it is definitely more lucrative to stand on the street corner as a stinky bum, with a lame cardboard sign and a cigarette hanging out of my mouth.

“Spare change to change the world?”

Look for the cardboard sign coming to a street corner near you.

Nomad | Yesmad

thejourney.pngAm I mad? Maybe. This is the fourth time I’ve had to move in the past eight months. My crazy land lady wants the apartment back. The one she just rented to me a month ago. I’m getting sick of this crap. Anyhow, time for a theme change. A nice theme called, The Journey was just uploaded on Themebot. I’ve got one week to find a new place to live. I’m contemplating whether or not I can still afford to live in Santa Cruz. I can’t. Can I afford to live anywhere besides a cardboard box with high-speed internet?

In the face of adversity, to recognize that life is like a dream and that all experiences are impermanent. Truly a blessing.


Introducing AQA (All Questions Answered)

AQA is an exciting new service offered by iseyz, a subsidiary of Me Inc. With AQA, you can ask any question and receive an answer. AQA comes with AQUA technology built-in. AQUA (Any Question U Ask) is a revolutionary patent pending technology that provides highly insightful and accurate answers to any question that could possibly be asked. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with each answer. If you are not completely satisfied with the answer you have received, your purchase will be 100% refunded.

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