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Get it up

Call Center Operator I had to call one of my credit card companies this evening to try and figure out why a transaction was being declined. After a brief hold, the phone was connected with a woman at the Seattle, Washington call center. She verified my identity and I proceeded to explain the situation.

At some point in the call, I requested a few details related to the account. She said, “Hold on while I get it up for you.”

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Responsible Living

It is a tricky balance – carrying out responsibilities versus living an unfettered life…

Taking care of survival vs. pursuing dreams

Feeding the stomach vs. feeding the soul

Attending to needs vs. satiating wants

Most people seem to favor one extreme or the other. I have visited both extremes at different times in the past. Now, seeking equilibrium.


Okay creepy trench coat people, let me get this straight…

You packed carrots for the bunnies but you didn’t have enough room to stash a few hot dogs for dad?

I’ve got something to whisper to you too… F*** U!

Do you need that spelled out in integers?

Market Meltdown – The Bear is Back

Stock Market BearYes, the bear is back. I’m not talking about the little brown bear that usually comes around every time this year growling about a gloomy market. This is the Big Bad Grizzly Bear… the same bear that came out of hibernation in February, 2000 and ripped the head off the NASDAQ just as it was reaching for it’s lofty all-time high of 5,000. The bear that brought the NADAQ to it’s knees almost two years later when it bottomed out at 1,172.

DOW 7,000

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of how long it will take and how much lower it will go.


You can count on it.

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No Escape from the Cookies!

This morning I was thinking about another invention that I’m never going to get around to building because it is too complex.

Two hours later I’m standing in front of the gas pump at a Shell station. There is a TV above the pump spewing out advertisements. Everywhere you go, somebody is trying to sell you something. This particular delivery method is a good strategy. I wouldn’t doubt it that the advertising is more potent, because they have your undivided attention and you are inhaling gas fumes.

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