The other day someone called me a dick. I took this as a complement on my Menis. It is always uplifting to receive ego strokes. But then I began to wonder what it would be like to not have an ego – to be minus Menis.

I have heard of something called the “the state of Aness.” No me, no my. No you, no your. No this, no that. Not even it. Just A. Many mystics and highly realized beings have discovered their Aness.

Thus, I began to ponder renouncing all worldly pursuits to focus soley on the quest to find my Aness. But, I still have doubts. I like my Menis. Is it possible to have both a Menis and Aness? Or does the Menis fall away in the oneness of Aness?

All of these questions are just an excuse for procrastinating. I must begin the search immediately. At the very least, when I return from my hermitage and somebody calls me an asshole I’ll be able to take it as a complement on my Aness.

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