Mass Immigration

If you are one of those naive, bleeding-heart, all are equal, anyone is welcome, we will get along, everyone deserves access to our infrastructure without having earned it, guilty, pathetic, self-loathing whites with no love for your own people, culture or ancestors who made it possible for you to have a comfortable life…

Just watch this and seriously ponder if you will be enjoying the diversity when it comes to your neighborhood:

Can you see the reality that mass immigration is an invasion and we are facing a different type of warfare these days? Inappropriate tolerance is a weakness which will result in our destruction if not purged.

Even the Dalai Lama, paragon of compassion and loving kindness, is speaking out against mass immigration and recognizes it’s destructive nature.

The Dalai Lama in Italy:

“I vostri immigrati sono troppi, bisogna avere il coraggio di dire basta”
“Your immigrants are too many, we must have the courage to say enough”

Daila Lama in Pomaia, Pisa Translated from Italian: “If the refugees are fleeing from something, but the good heart to accommodate them is not enough, we must have the courage to say when they are too many and to intervene in their countries to build there a better society” – the Dalai Lama said in answer to a specific demand on emergency immigrants in the Mediterranean.

Dalai Lama opposes mass immigration into Europe

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