Kosher Krazy Kikes

KKK Did you know that a kosher wine must be created, bottled, opened, handled and poured only by Jews, otherwise it becomes not kosher? To put this in perspective, imagine if there were organizations certifying that no Blacks, or any other race, had been involved in the creation of wine and that each ingredient in a food adhered to pedantic rules about what can / cannot be eaten and that livestock were slaughtered with horribly inhumane methods.

Woah, Wait, What…

They already exist and have been around for thousands of years!??

For every wine that is certified kosher, it means that no Asians, no Blacks, no Hispanics, no Whites, no race other than Jews created and bottled the wine. And if a non-Jew handles or pours that wine, it’s not kosher anymore. Check out the long list of racist kosher symbols and notice how many products have them on their packaging next time you are out grocery shopping.

What I want to know is, where can I find the certification that no mashgiach aka Rabid Racist Rabbi’s grimy whiskers fell into the food while he was inspecting the facilities.

Companies need to stop wasting money getting these certifications that cater to only 2% of the population. I would much rather buy something that is NOT kosher at a slightly reduced price. Heck, I’d even pay more to get it not kosher.

Hey Goy Fieri, whatcha got cookin’?

Nazi Gas Chamber / Cremator Hoax

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