Is staring at the computer good for the eyes!??

eye c u This is incredible! Last night I decided to do a little “reading” before going to bed. So I got out my Magic Eye book. It wasn’t long before the image snapped into 3D. I casually browsed a few other ones. They came into focus quickly too. Then I started to notice it. All of the images were easier to see than usual. I decided to try one of the harder ones. It locked in fast and not only that, it was easier to keep it in focus.

I was surprised by this, because when I start, it usually takes a while before the images turn 3D and then it is hard to keep them in focus. And with the more difficult patterns, sometimes they never come into focus or take a minute or so. I found my other Magic Eye book, the one that isn’t so good because it is hard to see the images. I started flipping through and staring at the pages. I was able to bring all of the images into focus rather quickly.

What does this mean? It means that over the past few months, something has occurred that actually improved my vision. I’ve always had good vision and never wore glasses, but I think my distance viewing has been a little week since high school. What could it be?

The only salient thing I can think of is that I have been doing marathon sessions sitting in front of the computer for a while now. What else?

  • I haven’t been eating as much, especially now that I don’t have a car.
  • I have been eating a lot of fresh foods, such as salads and fruits (less prep time and cleanup)
  • I spent a lot of time yesterday packing up my stuff (moving soon)
  • I’ve started drinking coffee

*Note: The lighting while viewing the Magic Eye wasn’t any different than usual.

… I need to make a list of all the variables that could have caused this over the past 3-6 months and try and remember what exactly has changed since the last time I looked at Magic Eye. I also need to do more Magic Eye experiments to make sure this wasn’t a one time anomaly. If my viewing performance is consistently high over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to conclude that the improvement in my vision is somewhat permanent (of course nothing is truly permanent). It is too bad I don’t have good scientific methodology i.e. previous logs accurately measuring my vision and isolation of variables. But, if I figure out what is causing this, look out laser eye surgery!

In case you are wondering what Magic Eye is:

2 thoughts on “Is staring at the computer good for the eyes!??

  1. Non-focus

    Actually..focusing on the magic eye image itself causes a loss of the 3d image. maybe you are more relaxed for some reason. looking thru the image to focus on a point about 3 feet behind the image will bring out the 3d picture.
    i love these things. some definately are harder than others.

  2. …as in before going to bed, having stared at the screen for 2 long… I remember when those things came out,
    most people couldn’t get them, said they were a load of bullshit… that was when I was a manager at a bookstore..
    circa ’93? But anyways, I still have one that was on the cover of Publishers’ Weekly, small, maybe 3″ X 2″, quite a challenge, was off a _religious_ magic eyes book…
    took a heapum concentration to see, since so small, but then you got…… Jesus on the cross, with the two thieves crucified behind him… never could keep it for more than 10 sec or so… hurt the eyes too much, so small…. hehehehe

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