I woke up this morning with another idea for an invention. This device will interpret and record the brain impulses while sleeping. It will have an algorithm that can accurately recreate the subjective experience of the dreamer (audio and visual perceptions). There will be two models, one that is two dimensional like TV, and a 3D virtual reality version. It will of course have to operate wirelessly, no body wants to sleep in a tangle of wires. The primary challenges are developing a receiver that is sensitive enough to distinguish the electric brain impulses externally and developing an algorithm which can actually recreate the subjective experience of the dreamer. I don’t care if you steal my idea, just hurry up and build it so I can buy one.

p.s. There would need to be a tivo-like function on the playback device to skip over all the parts where nothing is happening.

8 thoughts on “Invention

  1. you mad-scientist-in-the-making ,bring it on ! ­čÖé i am usually lousey at dream-recall unless it is a full-on traumatic or visionary dream . I would like is see all my dreams & make some sense of the unconcious forces.

  2. Interesting but nowhere done.
    What technology will you use?

    This is the ones that cannot recall dreams and work them out and that is, for now, the overwhelming bulk of the population.

    The idea has been implanted. That is how it starts. On the idea level. Then it trickles down.

    I also wake up or come up suddenly with such vivid idea. But I am gearing it all the way of science fiction writing.

    And there is an institute dedicated to the study of science fiction for ideas for scientists.

  3. how ’bout inventing a waffle iron that’s see through so i know when to lift the lid without making the waffles stick to the griddle first?

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