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If the enemy has managed to instill even the slightest idea of defeat in your psyche, they have already achieved a win.

The trick to victory is to maintain 100% confidence and certainty of the desired outcome at all times, without becoming reckless or failing to cognize the challenges and strategic moves that must be made.

If you grok this: remove all thoughts, feelings and rhetoric related to defeat from your being relentlessly in an ongoing, present moment basis.

The Dawning

The sun is beginning to rise on the horizon.

Rays of truth are piercing the darkness of degeneration,

spewed from Hollywood and television indoctrination,

poisoning the minds of unsuspecting victims.

Honor, beauty, love, inspiration, wholesome relations;

nations formed from tradition and innovation,

intelligently pursued with ruthless precision,

leaving no quarter for those who wish to corrupt and defile.

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Matter is not all that matters

When traversing a particularly prolonged, dense, undesireable patch of life, it is important to remember that there is much more going on than can be perceived by the senses. Unseen dynamics are in play and the ether is ripe with possibilities. What is wanted can be coaxed into manifestion with the power of mind and appropriate actions. And, there is nothing wrong with feeling good in anticipation, independent of the manifestation.

Pleasant surprises may synchronistically appear along the way. Every moment is an opportunity to gain more clarity on what is truly important in life and should not be squandered by over-indulging in loathing or self-pity. It can be helpful to defocus from the minutiae and hang out in the vastness of the universe once in a while.

TÝR – Hold The Heathen Hammer High

For the sadistic hypocrites who destroyed knowledge and brought unimaginable miseries to so many people around the world and then stuck their ridiculous crosses and edifices of mind control on top of every sacred site they could find:

– Dedicated to those who are discovering their roots growing down through the centuries and attempting to piece together what was lost.

Want vs Need

Begin decreasing the conceptual emphasis on what you “need” to do and start increasing the actual doing of what you want to do. When you focus more on what you truly want and move away from the false obligations you have been persuaded to believe are necessary, you fulfil your life purpose and by extension make the world a better place.

Find the balance of wants and needs. Respect the monopoly of the illegitimate use of physical force that the systems currently in power wield and find legitimate ways to transcend the constraints that are an irrational burden.

Be in tune with true inspiration and what is really wanted, instead of acting on what you have been manipulated to pursue by outside influences that do not hold your best interest. Your deeper feelings provide guidance and silent time in contemplation can help with the tuning process.