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Fun in the Shower

Exfoliating blend, creamy lather

Specially formulated, scalp stimulation

Colloidal oatmeal, essential oil infusion

Herbal essences, organic botanicals

Rich in bioflavinoids, exquisite aromatherapy

Massage in and rinse.

Strengthening, exfoliating, moisturizing, hydrating, nourishing, refining, purifying, clarifying, replenishing, revitalizing, invigorating, penetrating, stimulating.

Fun in the shower.


After my car died I had to find some wheels quick. I ended up buying an SUV since it would help me move. It is dark blue and I am going to call it Cookie Monster.

On my way back to El Cerrito to get the rest of my stuff I had to stop for gas. While Cookie Monster was having a guzzle, I decided to go in to the quick mart and buy a winning lottery ticket. I stood there waiting in line behind an old Chinese woman. The only thing she came in to buy was a can of Budweiser. For some reason, as the clerk was putting the can into a brown paper bag I started to feel sad.

So Long Santa Cruz

So long Santa Cruz! I choose not to live in the past so you will not be missed, but I did enjoy many moments (well, maybe I’ll miss your beaches.)

Went downtown for some Santa Cruzin’ last Friday. Had a couple of beers at 99 and headed out for the Pacific Ave street scene. Walked up and down to see what I would see. While walking by the New Leaf organic food store a goth girl and her boyfriend dressed in an all black rubber Dune looking suit with some sort of gas mask on his head jangled by. No, it’s not halloween. Next, a woman with her hair done up very fancily and a shiny silver top with maximum cleavage showing walked by. She smiled at me.

I got to the end of the street and decided to head back, surprised I hadn’t seen the Pink Guy with his pink leggings, umbrella and unchanging grin. On the way back I stopped at the piano player with his portable piano built into a Costco style wheeled shopping cart and top hat on. He was playing some Scott Joplin ragtime. A car drove by with the windows rolled down and some bass-thumping hardcore rap playing with the volume turned up all the way. Nice contrast.

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