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The Evolution of Music

I usually like to start the day listening to classical masterpieces. For example, Rostropovich performing Bach Cello Sonatas:


Absolute virtuoso! This stirs my spirit and stimulates my mind in ways that cannot really be expressed by words. I started thinking, “What happened to music? Why is there so much of it being churned out these days, and why is so much of it so uninspiring?”

For example, Bruno Mars performing The Lazy Song:


Sure, there is some excellent modern music out there, not always easy to find. What do you think? Is music evolving? Is society evolving?

P.S. Did you notice the hand gesture that starts off the Lazy Song and then the shape the performers are arranged in? Just an interesting, perhaps meaningless detail for those who pay attention to things like that to take note of.


Okay creepy trench coat people, let me get this straight…

You packed carrots for the bunnies but you didn’t have enough room to stash a few hot dogs for dad?

I’ve got something to whisper to you too… F*** U!

Do you need that spelled out in integers?

Midnight Musings – Mortality Says Hello

Full Moon Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with an acute awareness of how fragile life is and a palpable sense of what it would feel like to be taking my last breath. It is said that the only guarantee in life is death. When the time comes, everything that has culminated into my experience of the present moment, the storehouse of influences and thoughts that give shape to how I interpret the world will disintegrate completely. Continue reading Midnight Musings – Mortality Says Hello

Worst Company Logos

Sherwin Williams LogoWhile walking along the San Lorenzo river the other day, I glanced over at the Sherwin Williams store in downtown Santa Cruz. I thought to myself, “That has to be the ugliest company logo I have ever seen.”

First of all, the flat faded blue and red just don’t look that good. Who paints the interior or exterior of their house with those color combinations? I don’t care for the thick blue outline around the paint either. And, to top it off, the idea of dumping a can of red paint over the world is just plain tacky considering all of the environmental issues we are facing.

What do you think. Is this the worst company logo?