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Monsatan: The corporation that lovingly brought agent orange, glyphosate, saccharin, GMOs and a cornucopia of other toxic goodies to the world. They also purchased BLACKWATER, the largest mercenary group who is well known for their humanitarian services. It may not be an exaggeration to call Monsanto, “the most evil company in the universe“. Guess who is responsible for bestowing this blessing upon the Earth…

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Responsible Living

It is a tricky balance – carrying out responsibilities versus living an unfettered life…

Taking care of survival vs. pursuing dreams

Feeding the stomach vs. feeding the soul

Attending to needs vs. satiating wants

Most people seem to favor one extreme or the other. I have visited both extremes at different times in the past. Now, seeking equilibrium.

Is staring at the computer good for the eyes!??

eye c u This is incredible! Last night I decided to do a little “reading” before going to bed. So I got out my Magic Eye book. It wasn’t long before the image snapped into 3D. I casually browsed a few other ones. They came into focus quickly too. Then I started to notice it. All of the images were easier to see than usual. I decided to try one of the harder ones. It locked in fast and not only that, it was easier to keep it in focus.

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Body for sale

Body for salez I’ve run out of money and the engine in my car just died. My current businesses have not matured to the point that they are earning stable income. My other ideas haven’t been manifested yet and are on the back burner halfway built, needing attention. The non-profit is waiting for my businesses to start producing income. I work 12-16 hours nearly every day. Everything I’m working on revolves around wholesome services designed to improve people’s lives. What I need is venture capital and some hired help because I have good ideas sprouting literally everyday.

In the meantime, I have a body for sale. Any takers?


(And yes, this is a joke. I would never sell my body for any price.)