From the Bowels of Satan

I do not take the bible as a literal document. But, if Satan ate a burrito that was infested with E. Coli and stuffed full of too many habaneros, the result would look and sound something like this:

(Makes you crave food from Mexican restaurants doesn’t it?)

(Good boy, keep eating your GMO corn.)

(Taking over eh? Everyone can’t wait for America to be more like Mexico.)

(“Viva La Raza. Thank you America.” On behalf of America, “You’re not welcome.”)

(Coming soon… to a neighborhood near you.)

If you end up reading this, George Lopez, don’t be all butthurt and bent out of shape. What goes around comes around, so lighten up and have a sense of humor. Obviously, you do not belong here (you even agree with that) so pack up your comedy barf in a to go bag for some snacks on the way back to where you belong and go yuck it up in your own country. Viva La Raza… en México.

Here are a few more tasty morsels from the multicult buffet:

(Django Unchained: Another Jewish Wet Dream)

(MTV, owned by Viacom, owned by Jewish Sumner Redstone aka Rothstein)

(Director Admits Using Nazi Imagery in Nicki Minaj Video: ‘Sorry I’m Not Sorry’)

(Iggy Azalea reportedly flashed a bunch of boys at a bar mitzvah)

(Does Rihanna’s Latest Beau Fast on Yom Kippur?)

The most disturbing thing about the last three is that they have received hundreds of millions of views and hundreds of millions of likes. Let’s not forget to thank the hosts with the most for the lovely buffet: The Secret Relationship Between Rappers and Jews

Hey Satan, don’t forget to flush!

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