Friday Night Laundry… Wow!

Karate If you are in a laundromat on Friday night talking to a cute girl about martial arts, it is important to cut down on the usage of wow.
If you say “Wow!” more than twice in a row, you are blowing it. But, if you fire off a machine gun of 10+ wows in less than a minute, you can forget about ever getting laid, ever again. At the very least, expect her to try and avoid your presence. The only thing that could be more damaging is saying “thanks” and “thank you” multiple times in parting.

And then, if you stand there staring into the empty drier for an extended period of time after she has left, I start to get nervous…


Anyhow – been there, done that. Tripping over my tongue trying to stay cognizant while talking to the intimidatingly attractive girl in front of me, and then reflecting on what an ass I was after she has left the vicinity.

Now Grasshopper has exited stage left. It is just me, the laptop and the sloshing of the wash cycle set to the ambiance of the 7 eleven across the street. I think I have been into 7 eleven only once in my life… no twice.

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Laundry… Wow!

  1. I feel for you. A couple suggestions…for it is worth….
    1. Was she interested in Martial Arts?
    2. Ask her what kind of soap she is using. Tell her how confusing it is to buy the right kind of soap,a s you are very concerned about the environment.
    3. Turn off the laptop conspicuously, so she knows she is getting more attention than the computer.
    4. If your clothes are in the dryer, check them to see if they are dry, by pulling out your most humourous boxer shorts. If they are dry, fold the boxer shorts slowly…maybe she’ll get some ideas.
    5. Ask her if she always does her laundry at this place?
    6. Back to Martial arts…..if she did have an interest in this subject….give her your email, and ask for hers…so you can talk more later…(safer than a phone number)
    7. Ask her if she has ever heard of
    8. In general, ask more questions to get her talking about herself.
    Last, don’t feel bad that you did not get the connection you were fantasizing about, but do realize that the fact that she spoke to you at all must be an indication of your man power in the world…..Use this new found courage to go out and talk to some other pretty women in the world. Don’t worry about getting laid. they probably can sense how much you need it….right moment, right time …it will happen again….WOW!

  2. Hi Jeffrey. Thank you for the advice. I was only an observer who brought his laptop along to get some work done while waiting for the laundry to finish. I don’t think Grasshopper would have appreciated it if I conspicuously turned my laptop off to put the moves on his object of desire. In fact, he probably would have tried to stuff me in an empty dryer. But, this may have helped his cause by giving her an opportunity to see him in action. She may have even said, “WOW!”

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