Feet to the Fire

Trump reeks of bullshit (notice the coat-pull at 9 seconds). And, he is surrounded by steaming piles of semite. But, maybe he is just appealing to the dumbed-down masses who have been brain-dirtied up to the skullular brim with glowing, televised flickers of jewshit. Maybe he actually has some integrity and wants to do the right thing (to appease his ego posturing tingles). I like the confidence. I like the part about zero tolerance. I like the visualization of long distances. Overall, there has been a lot to like about his campaign rhetoric…

But, one week earlier, there was this:


That’s how the shift from running for election to being president begins. Are you going to be yet another lying, sack-of-bullshit, say-whatever-is-expedient, whore-politician? If so, if Trump gets in, it is up to us to absolutely hold his feet to the fire on the things we agree on, which are definitely not represented by his comments here:

Hello 100% Zionist fag whore! What is nasty is all the people being slaughtered in the Middle East because of Zionist wars and the resulting “refugee” opportunistic invaders flooding into Europe and every other white country, raping the women, committing crimes and displacing the native European culture / inhabitants. Get that mic in Trump’s lips and let him hold it.

We will make him a 100% servant of European Americans.

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