Dick Zuckerberg, aka lil’ Big Brother, was ranked first on the list of “Most Influential Jews in the World” for 2011 by The Jerusalem Post. He gave us the wonderful tool defacebook, where we can volunteer free intelligence on ourselves and become ensnared in endless frivolous distractions.

There are a bunch of reasons why I deleted everything from my personal facebook account and deactivated it back in 2011. This wall post is exceedingly exemplary of just one of those reasons:

facebook burrito trash

A ~40 year old man wasting his time posting a photo of his burrito refuse for some strange sort of sympathy gratification. Not cute. Muy pathetic.

I got sucked into reactivating my account recently and I’m already considering redeactivating. I should not be wasting time posting this, but could not resist the rant.

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