Evil Eyes

Watch the eyes!

Notice how the blinking gets out of sync.

Notice the twitching eyebrow.

There is something seriously wrong with these people…

let alone that a grown man is seriously expounding the rationale for why it is good to chop a piece off of a baby’s penis and then suck the blood from the wound with his mouth. Obviously, he enjoys mutilating and sucking baby penis and has all sorts of “technical” explanations to try and convince you that he should be allowed to continue mutilating and sucking baby penis. The question isn’t “tube vs. mouth”, it is, “why do you like to mutilate and suck baby penis?”

This guy with his pussy mouth and unholy Talmud is so full of shit, it would not surprise me if he sucks shit from his own anus.

Babies’ herpes linked to circumcision practice

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