Chemtrails in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Apparently, many people move to Vilcabamba, Ecuador to get away from it all. It is rather off the beaten track without being no man’s land. One concern among current and potential expats is chemtrails. After exactly three months in Ecuador (with most of the time spent in Vilcabamba) I finally noticed some.

So there you have it. If you have been wondering, “Are there chemtrails in Vilcabamba?” the answer is: “Yes, occasionally”.

5 thoughts on “Chemtrails in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

  1. Very useful information, thanks. I’d heard from several ex pats that Ecuador was free of chemtrails, mainly, it was supposed, because Correa threw the US out of there in 2009.

    Here in the UK we’re flooded with chemtrails, and it’s virtually every day of the year! Which totally rules out the bonkers explanation of “weather related condensation”. The same goes for barcelona, venice, rome and paris, which all have vastly different weather systems than ours.

    Also the planes which produce them are, invariably, USAF jets. It’s a serious problem in all NATO countries. Good luck in ecuador!

  2. Same here. They are frequently dosing the skies in the North West US with row after row of wholesome, nutritious trails to help us grow up big and strong and not get sunburned, of course. It has been a couple years since I was in Ecuador, not sure what the situation is like now, but it probably hasn’t changed much. I noticed a lot more trails in Panama, which I photographed but didn’t create a post for.

    I am surprised there still isn’t 100% irrefutable evidence for what is going on, but it sure does not seem like condensation trails to me.

    I would love to visit the UK sometime, particularly the sacred sites. Hopefully, next time I am able to travel to Europe. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment ­čÖé

  3. This is so stupid. Sorry, but it is. Those are clouds. Been around for millions of years. The answer is always “follow the money”. Chemtrails cost money, lots of it. Who, in this poor country, has money to spray little Vilcabamba with a couple thousand people? Who would bother? Quito or Guayaquil, maybe, but probably not. It is a political agenda of the elite trying to control the population and this place is really not on the radar for that stuff.

  4. A friend of mine has seen chem trails just outside of Cuenca up in the mountains and I have been having trouble with my lungs and upper respiratory issues for the past several months. I have been in Cuenca for about 3 years and no problem until this last year.

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