Bring in the Lions

I will take a pride of lions over a pack of opportunistic, ugly, shrieking hyenas all day, any day. Stealing a kill by outnumbering with a mob = dishonorable:

(Feel free to ignore the interstitial commentary, but notice how the female lions take down a full grown wildebeest in the first clip. Then, compare that to the hyenas targeting a baby zebra in the next clip and targeting a baby rhino in the next video. When the male lion shows up it is not about stealing food, it is about taking care of business by eliminating the matriarch. In the final clip, the female and male work together to destroy the enemy.)

And, if by instincts only, sometimes a lion might help out another species facing unfair circumstances:

Of course, lions don’t have compassion (even if a bit confused and misdirected):

But, then again, there is the “suburban lion”:

(Feel free to skip the pink tie bullshit around the 1 minute mark.)

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