Body for sale

Body for salez I’ve run out of money and the engine in my car just died. My current businesses have not matured to the point that they are earning stable income. My other ideas haven’t been manifested yet and are on the back burner halfway built, needing attention. The non-profit is waiting for my businesses to start producing income. I work 12-16 hours nearly every day. Everything I’m working on revolves around wholesome services designed to improve people’s lives. What I need is venture capital and some hired help because I have good ideas sprouting literally everyday.

In the meantime, I have a body for sale. Any takers?


(And yes, this is a joke. I would never sell my body for any price.)

16 thoughts on “Body for sale

  1. oh man…could i rent it to replace mine for a couple of hours? I have some heavy lifting and house work to do that my…shall we say…muscle challenged body isn’t really up for 😉

  2. Giggles

    Your funny!!!! Aww poor car….uggg Get a Moped/ Scooter!!!! Best in Gas Miles,(50-80 miles a gallon) for around town!! and lots of fun…

  3. ouch!
    you really know how to market – you hurt me! If I had the money I would be writing the check just based on the photo posted! try techinical writing – everyone writes software but no one knows how to use use it (on and off line) – ten years ago I was making $200 an hour writing for several large corporations- with your body (and brains) I’m sure you couldn’t do less in todays market – plus, above the above sholder line (missing in the photo) does carry weight. But, below …ouch! Also – I usually worked 30 hr. weeks for about $4000 a month – just talk pretty – but, then there is the body you can sell……highest bidder?

  4. no warranty. but it does come nicely gift wrapped (red bow optional) and there is a free upgrade to 2nd day air.

  5. ohh … i like red!
    though i think i would prefer to pamper this beautiful body.
    give it a vacation – as it clearly has spent a good amount of time working already.
    i’ll be in baja, black rock, fiji and peru between now and january…which one would you choose?

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