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The Hildebeest

Don't mess with the Hildebeest Somethingone that unequivocally belongs in prison for war crimes, felonies and treason is probably not the lesser of two evils. How is it possible that the Hildebeest is still stampeding for president? Are people really that stupid that they would vote somethingone in solely because it is biologically a woman?

Hey, we’re on a role! We just had the first half-black president… why not a woman next!?

(There’s the lips moving again. Those signs should read, “Fighting for IS”)


Libya: From Africa’s Wealthiest Democracy Under Gaddafi to Terrorist Haven After US Intervention

Do You Cuckoo?

To comprehend mass immigration in just under 4 minutes, watch this:

Those of us who live in highly developed countries had the opportunity to build our nests, thanks to the extraordinary sacrifices of our ancestors. We have been lulled to sleep by the multicult. We are often either underemployed or working too hard while taxes and the cost of living continue to rise. This is particularly true for the younger generation. And, we are becoming a minority.

It is 6 AM, the cuckoo clock is chiming and it is time to wake up.

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Bring in the Lions

I will take a pride of lions over a pack of opportunistic, ugly, shrieking hyenas all day, any day. Stealing a kill by outnumbering with a mob = dishonorable:

(Feel free to ignore the interstitial commentary, but notice how the female lions take down a full grown wildebeest in the first clip. Then, compare that to the hyenas targeting a baby zebra in the next clip and targeting a baby rhino in the next video. When the male lion shows up it is not about stealing food, it is about taking care of business by eliminating the matriarch. In the final clip, the female and male work together to destroy the enemy.)

And, if by instincts only, sometimes a lion might help out another species facing unfair circumstances: Continue reading Bring in the Lions