A sign from above? Or, just another day on the job?

Ahhh, the Glory!I was at my part-time job last week working on a somebody’s desktop computer. The shop keyboard was precariously placed on top of the computer. Somehow the cable got snagged while rolling my seat away from the bench. I tried to catch it before it fell on the ground, but it was too late. After picking up the keyboard, I looked at the screen. A search had been done on Google. Somehow, in the process of getting pulled to the ground behind the computer, the keys: U, H and J had been entered into the search prompt and then the Enter key had been pressed. At the top of the search results… Universal House of Justice – www.uhj.net

I couldn’t resist clicking it. Turns out it is a Baha’i web site.

On the landing page they have a big button so you can Click Here to contact them. It think they contacted me 😉

So, I clicked the other Click Here to actually go into the site.

Oh man! Am I glad I did!

Here is an excerpt from the page entitled, “The Bab – Forerunner to Baha’u’llah”

The Bab was the Holy Soul promised to come from the line and issue of Muhammad, the son of Ishmael the son of Abraham.

This line of Abraham was the Holy line of sacrifice, set up and established to protect the line of David throughout all the independent and warring dynasties; if ONLY all Jews, Christians, and Muslims knew this, peace, union and harmony would capture all the hearts of mankind and knit them as one–all would be united as one being upon this divided earth and wars and hatred, poverty, ignorance and prejudice would vanish like the night shade of dusk upon the morning suns brilliantly gleaming rays of light, hope, trust and salvation.

Makes sense so far. I mean really, think about it. If we all just realized that the Bab was from the line and issue of Muhammad, the son of Ishmael the son of Abraham, there would be world peace! In fact, I just got out my knitting needles.

but wait, it gets better!

The sacrifice of the Bab and 10,000 Babi’s, an act of unbridled love for God, illuminates all mankind even up unto this very day. Hagar the Handmaiden and her son Ishmael were chosen by God and sacrificed by Abraham into the wilderness of Arabia.

Did they just say that the sacrifice of 10,000 babies is an act of unbridled love for God? I know Hagar the Handmaiden would approve. Just the mention of Hagar the Handmaiden illuminates my day!

Anyhow, I need to spend some quality time on this site.

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