2021 Bizarro

With the immigration deform and PC policies introduced by the Marxist Multicult… I mean Bizarro Multicult—the Colossal Cuckoldry, Dazzling Diversity, Fabulous Faggosity, Shimmering Sharia and Vibrant Vagrancy—society as we know it in Western countries may very well become like the prophetic vision of the future as portrayed in the critically acclaimed film, Sealab 2021 Bizarro:

With things like gender dysphoria and apotemnophilia being normalized, it is only a matter of time before people begin demanding turtle beak reassignment surgery because they feel like they should have been born as turtles (subsidized by socialized medicine / tax payers, of course). And then, they will demand to have their beaks changed later when the Poultry Rights Movement convinces them that they really should have been born as chickens.

Why wait until 2021 when we can have full-blown Bizarro now!?

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