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Message to my Little Mind

You think you know, but you don’t. You warp reality and spin all sorts of tales that do not exist, like a reflection in a mirage. Troubadour of trouble-making. Stop and observe the thoughts you identify with. The thoughts are not you, you encompass the thoughts. Stop reacting for a second. You are not the feelings, you encompass the feelings.

Be kind.
Don’t contrive.
See the essence.

Soul Majestic

Solo Soul Mission

Internal cosmonaut – launched in no-thought

The seeker has found in the seeking itself

No self
All is self
Inner health
The true wealth

Lessons of essence, learned from the heart

The art of living
The world our canvas

In action and inertia – it’s too easy, just be.

(The flip-side: So Unmajestic)

Happyless is a Warm Pun

I’m feeling kind of punny, like a double-entendre Gemini.

Thread the needle with the song of a Beetle. Why ask why?

I won’t.

Tasty croissant pastry lament. Heaven scent. Marry no wanna. Single to mingle. No ring on my fingle.

Shallow like a marshmallow, floating in the sea. Now you sea me now you don’t.

Mind flow.. dam! writer’s block.

Don’t do yourself in for a slow painful life, nor a quick painful death. Sewerslide is never an option.

Mediogre is boring and ugly. Be vibrant and original. Every second is fresh and new.

Live and love. Loave your life.

I’m a hamlet sandwich. Don’t shake your speare at me.


Lying in bed, my mind lights up with memories of past experiences. These experiences, once so vivid and real, are now just fragile imprints in the brain. This present moment, so vivid and real, just became past experience. When I try to grasp anything as real my hand reveals emptiness when opened. The flow of time is unceasing. What a miraculous and wonderful thing, to be alive!

Non-Imitation Inspiration – California roll poetry

Materialistic greed and survival worry attempt to stamp out imagination and the creative impulse. But these embers continue to burn even if starved of oxygen. When the ashes are blown away, a single spark ignites a forest fire that incinerates all of the dead wood and decay left by mundane endeavors. Fertile ground is exposed for the sprouting of innovation and creativity, bringing beauty and wonder into the world.