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Skvalthr at Gullfoss

Something wild, majestic, mystical and awe-inspiring:

I would rather watch that 1000, make that 10000, times in a row rather than any of the crap spewing out of the thousands of channels of television network broadcasting. Compare to, for example:

Are you kidding me? MSNBC interrupts a discussion regarding ending the NSA for breaking news about a Justin Bieber DUI arrest? “Lean forward” my ass! TV has become almost 24/7 crap, shoved down the throat with some commercial intermissions to break up the raucous monotonous menagerie with more heinous loudly subliminal programming. May it all drown in Gullfoss.

Musical Vibration – Synchronized Frequency

Radio WavesI have noticed that music played over the radio tends to get more edgy, chaotic and reckless, more energetic, overall more interesting on Friday and Saturday evenings. During the regular 9-5 interval, the music is more subdued.

I want good sweet wig-blowing, sublime, no-borders, cobweb clearing music 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, and Saturday Sunday. I’m not interested in living a subdued, take orders, accept your fate, do what you hate so you can buy more stuff, comprised existence at any time. DJs, bring the music, always!

Myka Nyne

Myka Nyne aka Mikah 9 and the Freestyle Fellowship are, in my mind, indisputably the best MCs to walk this planet. Have you ever tried to weave a story of wisdom off the top of the head for nine minutes straight? Eloquence of self expression from the essence in freestyle form. Listen closely.

i love this man