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New Year’s Resolution 2015

I do not remember exactly how long ago it was, at least a number of years (perhaps more than a decade,) I began to notice the frequency with which “you know” is uttered in dialogues. “Are you desperately trying to convince me? No, I don’t know. But I do know that you are saying ‘you know’ too often.”

As time passed by, at some point I got infected. Just a small infection, like clearing the throat while thinking of what to say next. But now, if not consciously controlled, it is a full-blown speech disease, like an onslaught of tourette’s-induced inappropriateness. How could I let this happen?

In fact, America has a pandemic of Involuntary You Know Syndrome that threatens the very fabric of human discourse, and it is spreading to other countries. Forget Ebola. The TSA should be chatting people down before they leave the international airport and the FCC should be bleeping that sh*t out!

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Poking the Bear

Don't poke the bear!

Dumb idiots think that gas prices have magically dropped due to a mysterious mixture of market influences (with sprinkles.) Dumber idiots think they have dropped because government loves us. Evil idiots think it is a good idea to poke the bear. The wise think it would be better not to escalate a war with Russia as the aggressor. The wiser know it is nearly impossible to know what is really going on. Of course it is fun to believe in magic and evil schemes are exciting, but come on idiots, cut it out!

Matter is not all that matters

When traversing a particularly prolonged, dense, undesireable patch of life, it is important to remember that there is much more going on than can be perceived by the senses. Unseen dynamics are in play and the ether is ripe with possibilities. What is wanted can be coaxed into manifestion with the power of mind and appropriate actions. And, there is nothing wrong with feeling good in anticipation, independent of the manifestation.

Pleasant surprises may synchronistically appear along the way. Every moment is an opportunity to gain more clarity on what is truly important in life and should not be squandered by over-indulging in loathing or self-pity. It can be helpful to defocus from the minutiae and hang out in the vastness of the universe once in a while.

Serpent & The Rainbow

Gel Roc / Self Jupiter, Director: Jerome Davis

Dark and disturbing but shining a light on the criminal cockroaches scurrying behind the scenes with their evil schemes. There are those of the Freestyle Fellowship and the crews they choose to roll with who will never fall the fuck off, right? Keep doing right. Keep making music and speaking what needs to be spoken.

TÝR – Hold The Heathen Hammer High

For the sadistic hypocrites who destroyed knowledge and brought unimaginable miseries to so many people around the world and then stuck their ridiculous crosses and edifices of mind control on top of every sacred site they could find:

– Dedicated to those who are discovering their roots growing down through the centuries and attempting to piece together what was lost.